The last castrato

Alessandro Moreschi (performer)
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The last castrato
Alessandro Moreschi 1858-1922
Pearl, 1988
1 cd
Recording date
1902, 1904
5015903982327 0727031982326
Placing suggestion
30 - Liederen (NBLC) K7 - Liederen (Flemish music schema)

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More than 7 times in Flemish libraries

About Alessandro Moreschi

Alessandro Moreschi (11 November 1858 – 21 April 1922) was an Italian castrato singer of the late 19th century and the only castrato to make solo recordings.

Early life

Alessandro Moreschi was born on 11 November 1858 to Luigi Lorenzo Moreschi (1840–1897) and Rosa Maria Potelli, a Roman Catholic family in the town of Monte Compatri in the Papal States, near Frascati (Lazio). It is possible that he was born with an inguinal hernia, for which castration was still thought to be a cure in 19th-century Italy. Another possibility is that he was castrated later, around 1865, which would have been more in line with the centuries-old practice of castrating vocally talented boys well before puberty. In any case, much later in life, he referred to his enjoyment of singing as a boy in the chapel of the Madonna del Castagno, just outside his native town.

Early career

It seems likely that Moresc…Read more on Wikipedia