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Suzy en de kwallen

Ali Benjamin (author), Lidwien Biekmann (translator)
Target audience:
12-14 years and up
Als Suzy's vroegere beste vriendin Franny in zee verdrinkt, gelooft ze niet dat het 'zomaar' gebeurd is. Ze roept de hulp van een kwallenexpert in, om te bewijzen dat er een ander verhaal achter Franny's dood zit.
Suzy en de kwallen
Ali Benjamin
Lidwien Biekmann
Original language
Original title
The thing about Jellyfish
Brussel: Luisterpunt, © 2016
357 p.
Original publisher
Van Goor
Lettertype: Arial vet-22pt

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About Ali Benjamin

Ali Benjamin is an American author of youth literature living in Williamstown, Massachusetts.


Benjamin is known for her debut novel The Thing About Jellyfish, which was a National Book Award for Young People's Literature finalist in 2015, and a New York Times Best Seller. The Thing about Jellyfish is the story of a girl named Suzy who becomes convinced that her friend's accidental drowning was the result of a rare jellyfish sting and not just a random tragedy. The story follows Suzy as she decided to stop speaking in the wake of the loss and as she does whatever it takes to prove her theory correct.

The book has been optioned for film by Reese Witherspoon's production company Pacific Standard, which is a production company dedicated to giving female stories a stronger voice within Hollywood.

The novel has received attention as a book that could encourage girls to consider careers in STEM (Sc…Read more on Wikipedia