El hijo adoptivo

Álvaro Pombo (author)
El hijo adoptivo
Álvaro Pombo
Barcelona: Anagrama, 1984
140 p.

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About Álvaro Pombo

Álvaro Pombo García de los Ríos (born 23 June 1939) is a Spanish poet, novelist and activist.

Born in Santander, Cantabria, he studied at the Complutense University of Madrid and received a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London, where he lived between 1966 and 1977. His first book of poetry, Protocolos, was published in 1973, and four years later he won the El Bardo prize for his 1977 Variaciones. Returning to Spain that year, he published a collection of short stories, Relatos sobre la falta de sustancia, many of which contained homosexual characters and themes.

Pombo was elected to seat j of the Real Academia Española on 19 December 2002, he took up his seat on 20 June 2004.

Prizes and Rewards

  • In October 2006, Pombo was awarded the Premio Planeta literary prize for his novel La fortuna de Matilda Turpin.
  • In 2012 he was awarde…Read more on Wikipedia