De 28 mooiste liedjes

André Van Duin (performer)
De 28 mooiste liedjes
De 28 mooiste liedjes De 28 mooiste liedjes

De 28 mooiste liedjes

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De 28 mooiste liedjes
André Van Duin 1947-
CNR, 1991
2 cd's
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60 - Amusement: Nederlands (NBLC) P1 - Populaire muziek Nederlands (Flemish music schema)

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About André Van Duin

CC BY 3.0 - Image by DWDD

Adrianus Marinus Kyvon (born Adrianus Marinus Kloot; 20 February 1947), known by his stage name André van Duin, is a Dutch comedian, actor, singer-songwriter, author, television presenter, television director, television producer and screenwriter. Van Duin is one of the Netherlands' best known entertainers, with a career spanning over seven decades.

Early life

Van Duin was born as Adrianus Kloot, but with "Kloot" being a Dutch slur, he took the name "André van Duin" instead, while his family officially changed their surname to "Kyvon". Van Duin grew up in Rotterdam, was interested in performing at a young age and developed an image as the class clown, partially due to his red hair. After primary school, he went to the LTS to become a machinist, but later worked as clerk in an office and as warehouse employee.


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