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In het misantropisch museum

Ann Cotten (author), Erik De Smedt (translator)
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nY : tijdschrift voor literatuur, kritiek en amusement, 2011, nr. 11, p. 413-414
In het misantropisch museum
Ann Cotten
Erik De Smedt
In : De kwestie : Staatskunst/Kunststaat

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About Ann Cotten

Ann Cotten (born 1982, Ames, Iowa) is an American-born Austrian writer.

Life and work

At the age of five, Cotten moved to Vienna with her parents, who are both biochemists who worked in Vienna. She finished university there in 2006 with a work about concrete poetry. At the same time she first emerged as a poet at poetry slams. In 2007 Cotten, whose work has been published in anthologies and poetry journals, found considerable success as a writer with her first book, Fremdwörterbuchsonnette, which was published at Suhrkamp. Other books with Suhrkamp are Florida-Räume in 2001, Der schaudernde Fächer in 2013, Verbannt! Versepos in 2016.

Some of Cotten's poems have been translated into English and published in journals like burning deck (USA). In 2010 she collaborated with visual artist Kerstin Cmelka in a book called I, Coleoptile containing original English poetry and film still…Read more on Wikipedia