Arbeid Adelt! : live@AB2011

Arbeid Adelt (performer)
Arbeid Adelt! : live@AB2011
Arbeid Adelt
Arbeid Adelt!, 2011
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78 - Pop (NBLC) P1 - Populaire muziek Nederlands (Flemish music schema)

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About Arbeid Adelt

The Tesselschade-Arbeid Adelt (TAA), is a Dutch women's rights organization. Founded in 1871 under the name Algemeene Vrouwenvereeniging Arbeid Adelt, it was the first nationwide women's organisation in the Netherlands, and the eldest still operating. It split in to the Arbeid Adelt (AA) and Tesselschade in 1872, but reunified in to the Tesselschade-Arbeid Adelt in 1947.



In 1870 women had started to craft and sell products for the Red Cross. Betsy Perk saw this as an opportunity to encourage more women to sell their work.

Arbeid Adelt

It was founded in 1871 by Betsy Perk under the name Algemeene Vrouwenvereeniging Arbeid Adelt, commonly known as Arbeid Adelt (AA; English: Labour Is Ennobling).

It was inspired by the debate over women's access to education and different professions, which had been in…Read more on Wikipedia