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Haar stille stem : autisme doorbroken

Arthur Fleischmann (author), Carly Fleischmann (author), Davida van Dijke (translator)
Persoonlijk relaas van de ouders van Carly, een meisje dat een zware beperking binnen het autismespectrum blijkt te hebben, over hun strijd om hun dochter een eigen leven te laten opbouwen.
Haar stille stem : autisme doorbroken
Arthur Fleischmann Carly Fleischmann
Davida van Dijke
Original language
Original title
Carly's voice
Brussel: Luisterpunt, 2013
22 banden
Original publisher
The House of Books
Gemaakt in Nederland

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About Arthur Fleischmann

Arthur Fleischmann (1896, Bratislava – 2 March 1990, Tenerife) was a Slovak-born, London-based sculptor, who pioneered the use of perspex in sculpture. He spent time in Bali, and in Australia, where he was at the centre of the Merioola Group, before settling in London.

Early life

Fleischmann was born in 1896 in Pressburg, Austria-Hungary (now Bratislava, Slovakia). He studied medicine in Budapest and Prague, before turning to sculpture, and winning a scholarship to the Master School of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Australian years

He left Europe in 1937, travelling to South Africa and Zanzibar before spending two years in Bali, where he converted from his native Judaism to Catholicism, with the encouragement of a Dutch colonial missionary, Father Buys. The forms of traditional Balinese dancers became a lifelong influence on Fleischmann's work.

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