We will always love you

The Avalanches (performer)
We will always love you
We will always love you We will always love you

We will always love you

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We will always love you
The Avalanches
Astralwerks, 2020
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78 - Pop (NBLC) P4 - Populaire muziek Engels (Flemish music schema)

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About The Avalanches

CC BY 2.0 - Image by Bruce from Sydney, Australia

The Avalanches are an Australian electronic music group formed in Melbourne in 1997. They are known for their studio albums Since I Left You (2000), Wildflower (2016), and We Will Always Love You (2020), as well as their live and recorded DJ sets. The group currently consists of Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi.


1994–1996: Origins

Three future Avalanches members formed Alarm 115 in Melbourne in 1994 as a noise punk outfit inspired by Drive Like Jehu, The Fall, and Ultra Bide. The line-up was Robbie Chater on keyboards, Tony Di Blasi on keyboards, bass and backing vocals, and Darren Seltmann on vocals. By 1995, Manabu Etoh joined on drums. The group bought instruments, recording gear and numerous old vinyl records by the crate at second-hand shops. When Etoh was deported and Alarm 115 d…Read more on Wikipedia