When I was a young girl

Barbara Dane (performer)
When I was a young girl
When I was a young girl When I was a young girl

When I was a young girl

When I was a young girl
Barbara Dane
Hallmark, 2016
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85 - Wereldmuziek: Noord-Amerikaanse stijlen (NBLC) W4 - Wereldmuziek Noord-Amerikaanse stijlen (Flemish music schema)

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About Barbara Dane

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Barbara Dane (born May 12, 1927) is an American folk, blues, and jazz singer. She co-founded Paredon Records with Irwin Silber.

"Bessie Smith in stereo," wrote jazz critic Leonard Feather in the late 1950s. Time wrote of Dane: "The voice is pure, rich ... rare as a 20 carat diamond" and quoted Louis Armstrong's exclamation upon hearing her at the Pasadena jazz festival: "Did you get that chick? She's a gasser!" On the occasion of her 85th birthday, The Boston Globe music critic James Reed called her "one of the true unsung heroes of American music."

Early life

Barbara Dane's parents arrived in Detroit from Arkansas in the 1920s. Out of high school, Dane began to sing regularly at demonstrations for racial equality and economic justice. While still in her teens, she sat in with bands around town and won the interest of local music promoters. She got an offer to tour with Alvino Rey's band, but she turned it…Read more on Wikipedia