Le chemisier

Bastien Vivès (author)
Le chemisier
Bastien Vivès
[Tournai]: Casterman, 2018
204 p. : ill., zw/w
9782203168770 (hardback)
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About Bastien Vivès

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Myrabella

Bastien Vivès (born 11 February 1984) is a French comic book artist.

Life and career

Born in Paris, Vivès spent his childhood drawing with his younger brother. He took live model classes from the age of 10 years. Vivès studied Applied arts at the Institut Sainte Geneviève Paris (6th) and three years at the Penninghen School of Graphic Arts in Paris and eventually Gobelins School, still in Paris, where he studied animation.

He achieved success first on the internet (on the Catsuka forum) under the pseudonym "Chanmax" with the character Poungi la Racaille (2006, Public Danger)

His first album, Elle(s), published in 2007 by Casterman under the KSTR label and when he was 25 years old, in January 2009, Vivès received the Angoulême Festival Revelation Award for his album A Taste of Chlorine (Le goût du chlore).

In 2010 and 2011, he participated of the online drama Les Autres Gens, written by Thomas Cadèn…Read more on Wikipedia