Memory lane

Benjamin Richter (performer)
Memory lane
Benjamin Richter
Sony, 2017
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65 - Amusement: Instrumentaal (NBLC) P8 - Instrumentaal (Flemish music schema)

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About Benjamin Richter

Jeremias Benjamin Richter (German: [ˈʁɪçtɐ]; 10 March 1762 – 4 May 1807) was a German chemist. He was born at Hirschberg in Silesia, became a mining official at Breslau in 1794, and in 1800 was appointed assessor to the department of mines and chemist to the royal porcelain factory at Berlin, where he died. He is known for introducing the term stoichiometry.

Developer of titration

He made some of the earliest known determinations of the quantities by weight in which acids saturate bases and bases acids. He realised that those amounts of different bases which can saturate the same quantity of a particular acid are equivalent to each other (see Titration).

He was thus led to conclude that chemistry is a branch of applied mathematics and to endeavour to trace a law according to which the quantities of di…Read more on Wikipedia