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Benoîte Groult (author)
Tussen een zeer ontwikkelde Parisienne en een ongecompliceerde Bretonse visser bloeit een verstandelijk gezien onwaarschijnlijke, maar niettemin blijvende hartstochtelijke liefde op.
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Benoîte Groult
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Les vaisseaux du coeur
Brussel: Luisterpunt, 1992
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About Benoîte Groult

Benoîte Groult (31 January 1920 – 20 June 2016) was a French journalist, writer, and feminist activist.

Life and career

Groult was born on 31 January 1920 in Paris. She was the daughter of André Groult and Nicole Poiret, sister of Paul Poiret and herself a fashion designer, and was raised in the Parisian upper class. Groult attended the Sorbonne, where she studied Latin and Greek. After her studies in literature ended in 1953, she worked as a journalist for television. Before publishing her own book in 1972, she co-wrote three books with her younger sister Flora. On her own she eventually published twenty novels and numerous essays on feminism.

Because Benoîte Groult was a feminist, her novels often deal with topics such as the history of feminism, discrimination against women, and misogyny.

Her novel Les vaisseaux du cœur, published in 1988, was calle…Read more on Wikipedia