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Otto en de dinodraak

Berlie Doherty (author), Becka Moor (illustrator)
Otto en de dinodraak
Otto en de dinodraak Otto en de dinodraak
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Target audience:
6-8 years and up
Otto en de dinodraak
Berlie Doherty
Becka Moor
Arnhem: Uitgeverij Bontekoe, 2017
66 p. : ill.
9789055299638 (hardback)

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About Berlie Doherty

Berlie Doherty (born in Liverpool; 6 November 1943) is an English novelist, poet, playwright and screenwriter. She is best known for children's books, for which she has twice won the Carnegie Medal. She has also written novels for adults, plays for theatre and radio, television series and libretti for children's opera.

Education and early career

Born at Knotty Ash in Liverpool in 1943 to Walter Hollingsworth, Doherty was the youngest of three children. All four grandparents had died before she was born, which she later called "a great deprivation". Aged four, she moved to Hoylake, the setting of several of her early books. She was encouraged to write by her father, from whom she later wrote that she had "inherited stories". A railway clerk by trade, he was also a keen writer whose poetry had been published in the local newspaper. Doherty soon followed suit, with her poetry and stories appearing on the …Read more on Wikipedia