J.S. Bach : Christmas oratorio

Bill Dobbins (performer), The King's Singers (performer), WDR Big Band Köln (performer)
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J.S. Bach : Christmas oratorio
Bill Dobbins The King's Singers WDR Big Band Köln  (big band)
Signum, 2011
2 cd's
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91 - Sinterklaas en kerst (NBLC) J1 - Jazz (Flemish music schema)

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About Bill Dobbins

Bill Dobbins (born 1943) is an American photographer who specializes in bodybuilding, physique and fitness photography. In particular, Dobbins is well known for his work in photographing female bodybuilders and has published two books of images on the subject, The Women and Modern Amazons.

Dobbins was associated with Ben Weider and bodybuilding organizations such as the IFBB and NPC. Dobbins is also an author and writer for physique magazines. He has collaborated with Arnold Schwarzenegger on several books, including Arnold's Bodybuilding For Men and The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.

Career and history

After working in Europe, predominantly in the music industry, Dobbins returned to America to work as a radio producer, primarily at WNBC and WABC in New York City. He eventually moved to California where he became involved with the original Gold's Gym. During this period Dobbins m…Read more on Wikipedia