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Frank Boudewijn de Groot (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbʌu̯dəʋɛi̯n də ˈɣroːt], born 20 May 1944) is a Dutch singer-songwriter, known for "Welterusten Meneer de President" (1966).



Boudewijn de Groot was born in wartime occupied Dutch East Indies in 1944 in a Japanese concentration camp close to Batavia (today known as Jakarta) where his mother died in June 1945. In 1946, he and his family returned to the Netherlands. De Groot's father, however, was obliged to return to Indonesia, so De Groot went to stay with his aunt in Haarlem. In 1951, his father came back and in 1952, the family moved, with his new stepmother, to Heemstede. De Groot lived in Heemstede in the same street as one of his future lyricists, Lennaert Nijgh, who was a friend of De Groot's stepbrother.

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