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Oberon : arr. Mahler
Carl Maria Von Weber 1786-1826
Gustav Mahler 1860-1911
James Robinson Planché
Based on the work of
Christoph Martin Wieland
Gary Lakes  (zangstem) Ben Heppner  (zangstem) Deborah Voigt  (zangstem) Delores Ziegler  (zangstem) Chor der Oper Köln Kölner Philharmoniker Gürzenich Orchester
James Conlon 1950-
EMI Classics, 1992
2 cd's + boekje
Playing time
0077775473926 (1992) 5099908746429 (2011)
Placing suggestion
32 - Opera (NBLC) K5 - Opera, operette en andere theatermuziek met vocale inbreng (Flemish music schema)

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About Carl Maria Von Weber

Carl Maria von Weber (18 or 19 November 1786 – 5 June 1826) was a German composer, conductor, virtuoso pianist, guitarist and critic who was one of the first significant composers of the Romantic era. Best known for his operas, he was a crucial figure in the development of German Romantische Oper (German Romantic opera).

Throughout his youth, his father, Franz Anton, relentlessly moved the family between Hamburg, Salzburg, Freiberg, Augsburg and Vienna. Consequently he studied with many teachers – his father, Johann Peter Heuschkel, Michael Haydn, Giovanni Valesi, Johann Nepomuk Kalcher and Georg Joseph Vogler – under whose supervision he composed four operas, none of which survive complete. He had a modest output of non-operatic music, which includes two symphonies; a bassoon concerto; piano pieces such as Konzertstück in F minor and Invitation to the Dance; and many pieces that featured the clarinet, usually written for the virtuoso clarinetist Heinrich…Read more on Wikipedia