Mijn grote AVI-leesboek

Charel Cambré (illustrator), Arnaud Toulon (collaborator), Elly Simoens (author)
Deze dikke verzamelbundel van Suske en Wiske Junior bevat maar liefst vier AVI-verhalen op drie verschillende niveaus:

Pak me dan! (AVI Start / AVI 1)De kat (AVI M3 / AVI 2)Een heks in het dorp (AVI M3 / AVI 2)Wat hoort Wiske daar? (AVI E3 / AVI 3)

Het leesniveau AVI Start / AVI 1 is voor beginnende lezertjes. AVI M3 / AVI 2 komt overeen met de gemiddelde leesvaardigheid in
Reading level
AVI Start, AVI M3, AVI E3, AVI 1, AVI 2
Mijn grote AVI-leesboek
Charel Cambré 1968-
Arnaud Toulon
Elly Simoens Inge Bergh
Antwerpen: Standaard Uitgeverij, 2022
99 p. : ill.
9789002277047 (hardback)

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About Charel Cambré

CC BY-SA 4.0 - Image by Agaath

Charel Cambré (born 27 April 1968 as Carl Cambré) is a Flemish Belgian comics artist and author.


Carl Cambré was born in 1968 in Herenthout. After his studies at the art school of Lier and animation at the Royal Academy of Ghent, he worked in some foreign animation studies, before he started creating comics. He lives in Nieuwrode, a part of Holsbeek.

His first published comic was Streetkids in Suske & Wiske Weekblad, which appeared from 1993 until 2003. From 2005 on he worked for the Studio Vandersteen, while continuing to create his own series at the same time. He often works together with Marc Legendre, first on the Spike and Suzy spin-off series Amoras, and since 2017 on the Spirou et Fantasio spin-off Robbedoes Special, which marks the first time that Flemish authors have created an album in the iconic Franco-Belgian comic series.

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