Die feuerrote Friederike

Christine Nöstlinger (author), Stefanie Reich (illustrator)
Target audience:
6-8 years and up
Die feuerrote Friederike
Christine Nöstlinger
Stefanie Reich
Mannheim: Sauerländer, 2013
78 p. : ill.
978-3-411-81147-2 (hardback)

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About Christine Nöstlinger

CC BY 2.0 - Image by SPÖ-OÖ

Christine Nöstlinger (13 October 1936 – 28 June 2018) was an Austrian writer best known for children's books. She received one of two inaugural Astrid Lindgren Memorial Awards from the Swedish Arts Council in 2003, the biggest prize in children's literature, for her career contribution to "children's and young adult literature in the broadest sense." She received the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for "lasting contribution to children's literature" in 1984 and was one of three people through 2012 to win both of these major international awards.

Life and career

Nöstlinger was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1936. By her own admission, she was a wild and angry child. After finishing high school, she wanted to become an artist, and studied graphic arts at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna. She worked as a graphic artist for a few years, before marrying a journalist, Ernst Nöstlinger, with whom she had two daughters.

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