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About Christoff

Christoff is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name
  • Christoff Bryan (born 1996), Jamaican high jumper
  • Christoff De Bolle (born 1976), known by the mononym Christoff, Belgian Flemish schlager singer and radio presenter
  • Christoff Swanepoel, South African rugby league player
  • Christoff Van Heerden (born 1985), South African racing cyclist
Middle name
  • Hans Christoff von Königsmarck (1605–1663), Swedish-German soldier
  • A. J. Christoff (born 1948), American football coach
  • Boris Christoff (1914–1993), Bulgarian opera singer
  • Stefan Christoff, Canadian journalist, community organizer and musician
  • Steve Christoff (born 1958), American ice hockey player

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