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About The Chrome Cranks

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Pinikadia

The Chrome Cranks are an American punk-styled blues band based in New York City. They were originally formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1988. The core membership consists of singer-guitarist Peter Aaron, guitarist William Gilmore Weber III, drummer Bob Bert, and bassist Jerry Teel.


Aaron and Weber moved together through a variety of projects in Cincinnati starting in early 1986; The Chrome Cranks began to jell in 1988, though they went through a period of woodshedding that lasted for nearly two years, and during this time the lineup was constantly changing. They did not play out until 1990, on a date opening for Pussy Galore which included future member Bob Bert. With Aaron finally established as singer, the group first recorded in 1991 for an Atavistic Records compilation, Out of Their Mouths and Into Your Head. The Chrome Cranks subsequently took a brief hiatus as Weber moved to New York City later that year; duri…Read more on Wikipedia