The black hole understands

Cloud Nothings (performer)
The black hole understands
The black hole understands The black hole understands

The black hole understands

The black hole understands
Cloud Nothings
Cloud Nothings, 2020
1 cd
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78 - Pop (NBLC) P4 - Populaire muziek Engels (Flemish music schema)

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About Cloud Nothings

CC BY 2.0 - Image by digboston

Cloud Nothings is an American indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, United States, founded by singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi. It currently consists of lead singer and guitarist Dylan Baldi, drummer Jayson Gerycz, bassist TJ Duke, and guitarist Chris Brown.

Beginning in 2009, the band originally started as a solo project, with Baldi recording both vocals and instrumentals in his parents' basement, although he performed live with a full band. The band is signed to Washington, D.C.-based Carpark Records. Their fourth LP Here and Nowhere Else was released on April 1, 2014. Cloud Nothings' album Life Without Sound was released on January 27, 2017. This was followed by Last Building Burning, released on October 19, 2018, The Black Hole Understands on July 3, 2020, and The Shadow I Remember on February 26, 2021.


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