The orchard keeper

Cormac McCarthy (author)

The orchard keeper

The orchard keeper / Cormac McCarthy
Cormac McCarthy
London: Picador, 2010 | Other editions
259 p.
9780330511254 (paperback)

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About Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy (born Charles Joseph McCarthy Jr., July 20, 1933) is an American writer who has written ten novels, two plays, two screenplays, and two short-stories, spanning the Western and post-apocalyptic genres. He is well known for his graphic depictions of violence and his unique writing style, recognizable by its lack of punctuation and attribution. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest contemporary American writers.

McCarthy was born in Providence, Rhode Island, although he was raised primarily in Tennessee. In 1951, he enrolled in the University of Tennessee, but dropped out to join the US Air Force. His debut novel, The Orchard Keeper, was published in 1965. Awarded literary grants, McCarthy was able to travel to southern Europe, where he wrote his second novel, Outer Dark (1968). Suttree (1979), like his other early novels, received generally positive reviews, but was not a commercial succes…Read more on Wikipedia