De twee pony' s

Cyriel Buysse (author)
De twee pony' s
Cyriel Buysse
Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1919 | Other editions

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About Cyriel Buysse

Cyrillus Gustave Emile "Cyriel" Buysse (pronounced [siˈril ˈbœysə]; 20 September 1859 – 25 July 1932) was a Flemish naturalist author and playwright. He also wrote under the following pseudonyms: Louis Bonheyden, Prosper Van Hove and Robert Palmer.


Buysse was born on 20 September 1859 in Nevele, Belgium in a well-to-do family. Before he could complete his studies at the Atheneum in Ghent, he joined the family's chicory factory at the request of his father.

At the suggestion of his aunt Virginie Loveling, herself an author, he started writing when he was twenty-six. When his father found out that he was dating a girl he had met in a local bar, he was told to leave the ancestral home. Between 1886 and 1896 he emigrated to the United States several times, but he returned more d…Read more on Wikipedia