Two for the road

Dave Grusin (performer)
Two for the road
Two for the road Two for the road

Two for the road

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Two for the road
Dave Grusin 1934-
GRP, 1997
1 cd
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73 - Jazz (NBLC) J1 - Jazz (Flemish music schema)

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About Dave Grusin

CC BY-SA 2.0 - Image by Andy Ihnatko Boston, Massachusetts

Robert David Grusin (born June 26, 1934) is an American composer, arranger, producer, and pianist. He has composed many scores for feature films and television, and has won numerous awards for his soundtrack and record work, including an Academy Award and ten Grammy Awards. He is the co-founder of GRP Records.

Early life

Grusin was born in Littleton, Colorado to Henri and Rosabelle (née de Poyster) Grusin. His mother was a pianist and his father was a violinist from Riga, Latvia. He has one Jewish parent.

He studied music at the University of Colorado at Boulder and was awarded his degree in 1956. His teachers included Cecil Effinger and Wayne Scott, pianist, arranger and professor of jazz.


Grusin produced his first single, "Subways Are for Sleeping", in 1962 and his first film score for Divorce American Style (1967). Other scores followe…Read more on Wikipedia