Elton John : the biography

David Buckley (author)

Elton John : the biography

Elton John : the biography
David Buckley
London: André Deutsch, 2019 | Other editions
432 p., [16] p. foto's
9780233005515 (paperback)
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About David Buckley

David Buckley (born 7 June 1976) is a British composer of film and television scores, based in Santa Monica, California.


Born in London in 1976, Buckley's first involvement with film music was as a cathedral choirboy performing on Peter Gabriel’s score for Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ. He continued his musical education at the University of Cambridge. In 2006 Buckley moved to Los Angeles to collaborate on a number of Harry Gregson-Williams’ scores, including Shrek, Gone Baby Gone, Flushed Away, Arthur Christmas, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Number 23. In addition to his work for Gregson-Williams, he has written additional music for Danny Elfman on films including American Hustle, Big Eyes and all Fifty Shades movies (including the choral piece "Bliss") and for Hans Zimmer and Rupert Gregson-Williams on Winter's Tale …Read more on Wikipedia