Le jour des fantômes

David Shahar (author)
Le jour des fantômes
David Shahar
Original title
Yom ha-refa im
Paris: Gallimard, 1988
223 p.

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About David Shahar

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Batia Shahar (בתיה שחר)

David Shahar (1926-1997) was an Israeli fiction writer, translator, and editor best known for his depiction of old Jerusalem in the multi-volume historical saga The Palace of Shattered Vessels (1968–94).

Life and work

He was born in Jerusalem in June 1926, to a pious ultra-orthodox Jewish family that had lived in the city for several generations. His ancestors arrived in Jerusalem in the 19th century, from Hungary on his father's side and the Russian Empire on his mother's side. According to family stories, his father's side was descended from Jews expelled from Spain in 1492.

Shahar studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He was involved with the Irgun Tzvai Leumi and the Canaanite movement, and identified as an Orthodox Jewish, ultranationalist, right-wing writer.

Shahar's series of novels The Palace of Shattered Vessels is recognized by many as his masterpiece, considered a realist dep…Read more on Wikipedia