De liedjes van A.M.G.Schmidt

De Buddy's (performer)
De liedjes van A.M.G.Schmidt
De liedjes van A.M.G.Schmidt De liedjes van A.M.G.Schmidt

De liedjes van A.M.G.Schmidt

Target audience:
All ages
De liedjes van A.M.G.Schmidt
De Buddy's
Disky, 1997
1 cd
Placing suggestion
90 - Kinderrepertoire (NBLC) D9 - Kinder- en jeugdrepertoire (Flemish music schema)

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More than 3 times in Flemish libraries

About De Buddy's

de Buddy's (also known as Jongenszanggroep de Buddy's) was a boys' show choir based in Delft, Netherlands that existed under this name from 1976 - 2005. The choir was founded as a traditional church choir in 1966 as De Nicolaessanghers with 30 voices from 9–16 years. Inspired from the French choir Les Poppys and their hit "Non, non, rien n'a changé" (No, no, nothing has changed, 1970) the choir was renamed and changed to the pop genre. In 2005 de Buddy's was succeeded by re-speKt.

de Buddy's has held performances in and outside the country, including for Beatrix of the Netherlands. Some performances supported social projects.


The best known buddy, as the members were called, was Jody Bernal (nl) who had a number one hit in 2000. Other notable members were Roy van den Akker, DJ Robin Meijers and Joost Verhoeff.


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