Three chords and the truth

The Ducky Boys (performer)
Three chords and the truth
Three chords and the truth Three chords and the truth

Three chords and the truth

Three chords and the truth
The Ducky Boys
I Scream, 2004
1 cd
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78 - Pop (NBLC) P - Populaire muziek (Flemish music schema)

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About The Ducky Boys

The Ducky Boys are a street punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. Since forming in 1995 in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, the band has released six full-length albums and over 80 songs. The band's name is derived from the name of an Irish street gang in the 1979 movie, The Wanderers.

For the past ten years, the band has been composed of frontman Mark Lind (bass guitar and vocals), Jason Messina drums and guitarist Douglas Sullivan. The Ducky Boys have released five studio albums (the last three from this current line-up) along with several 7-inch records and appearances on compilations. Rich Crimlisk joined the band in 2012 and played on the Chemicals EP as well as the sixth studio album.

Over the last ten years, the band's sound has evolved from quick punk riffs to more stripped down rock music and a developing message of social consciousness. However, the band's influences, which include Rancid, The Replac…Read more on Wikipedia