Lugares que no quiero compartir con nadie

Elvira Lindo (author)

Lugares que no quiero compartir con nadie

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New York (stad)
Lugares que no quiero compartir con nadie
Elvira Lindo
Barcelona: Seix Barral, 2011
237 p. : ill.
9788432214059 (paperback)

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About Elvira Lindo

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Elvira Lindo (born 23 January 1962 in Cádiz, Spain) is a Spanish journalist and writer.

At the age of 12 Lindo moved to Madrid, where she studied journalism at Complutense University of Madrid. She did not get her degree, as she began to work in television and radio as a speaker, actress and scriptwriter. Her first novel was based on one of her fictional radio characters, the madrileño boy Manolito Gafotas, who has become a classic of Spanish children's literature. Manolito is the son of a trucker and lives a humble life in the working-class quarter of Carabanchel. The character was the protagonist of several first-person novels written with a solid style that includes humour, irony and sharp social criticism.

Lindo has also written adult novels and plays; she is the screenwriter of the film La primera noche de mi vida, and collaborated with director Miguel Albaladejo on the screenplays for Manolito Gafotas and Ataque verbal. She…Read more on Wikipedia