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De paradox van de barmhartige Samaritaan

Ernst Fehr (author), Leen Lampo (adapter), Suzann-Viola Renninger (author)
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Eos, Jrg. 22 (2005) nr. 2, p. 84-90
De paradox van de barmhartige Samaritaan
Ernst Fehr Suzann-Viola Renninger
Leen Lampo

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About Ernst Fehr

CC BY 4.0 - Image by Neuroeconomics University of Zurich

Ernst Fehr (born 21 June 1956 in Hard, Austria) is an Austrian-Swiss behavioral economist and neuroeconomist and a Professor of Microeconomics and Experimental Economic Research, as well as the vice chairman of the Department of Economics at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. His research covers the areas of the evolution of human cooperation and sociality, in particular fairness, reciprocity and bounded rationality.

He is also well known for his important contributions to the new field of neuroeconomics, as well as to behavioral economics, behavioral finance and experimental economics. According to IDEAS/REPEC, he is the second-most influential German-speaking economist, and is ranked at 86th globally.

In 2010 Ernst Fehr founded, together with his brother, Gerhard Fehr, FehrAdvice & Partners, the first globally operating consultancy firm completely dedicated to behavioral economics.

In 2016, Fehr was ranked as the most influential economist in G…Read more on Wikipedia