Het leven is zo mooi

Fantasticos (performer)
Het leven is zo mooi
Het leven is zo mooi Het leven is zo mooi

Het leven is zo mooi

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About Fantasticos

Fantasticos is a Dutch schlager duo made up of Johnny Meijers and Henk Janssen. The two developed a long friendship that culminated in forming Fantasticos in 2012. The duo have released two studio albums and had a number of charting singles.


Johnny Meijers

Johnny Meijers, born 1949 in Egelantierstraat in de Amsterdamse Jordaan and moved to Nijmegen. He learned drums and accordion from his father, a musician and toured with him. He joined The Red Berries as a drummer and at 20 joined Groesbeekse-based band The Sunstreams also as drummer. The Sunstreams found success in the 1980s and are well known for "Aan de grens van de Duitse heuvelen" and "Hoor je het ruizen der golven". The band had two albums certified gold and platinum. In the late 1980s, he opened a bar in Nijmeegse with his wife Jeannette, a trendy bar called De Sport Centrale.

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