The normal and the pathological

Georges Canguilhem (author), Michel Foucault (author of introduction)
The normal and the pathological / Georges Canguilhem ; with an introduction by Michel Foucault
Georges Canguilhem
Author of introduction
Michel Foucault
New York: Zone books, 1998
327 p.
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601.3 (SISO)

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About Georges Canguilhem

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Georges Canguilhem (; French: [kɑ̃ɡijɛm, kɑ̃ɡilɛm]; 4 June 1904 – 11 September 1995) was a French philosopher and physician who specialized in epistemology and the philosophy of science (in particular, biology).

Life and work

Canguilhem entered the École Normale Supérieure in 1924 as part of a class that included Jean-Paul Sartre, Raymond Aron and Paul Nizan. He aggregated in 1927 and then taught in lycées throughout France, taking up the study of medicine while teaching in Toulouse.

He took up a post at the Clermont-Ferrand based University of Strasbourg in 1941, and received his medical doctorate in 1943, in the middle of World War II. Using the pseudonym "Lafont" Canguilhem became active in the French Resistance, serving as a doctor in Auvergne.

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