Wanneer een stoere Vlaming en zijn struise levensgezellin besluiten zich niets aan te trekken van bestaande zedelijke normen, wordt hun stroperswoning langzamerhand het centrum van een nederzetting.
Gerard Walschap
Annick Van Petegem  (inlezer)
Brussel: Luisterpunt, 2008
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Wever & Bergh
Vlaamse stem Stem: Vrouw

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About Gerard Walschap

Jacob Lodewijk Gerard, Baron Walschap (Londerzeel-St. Jozef, 9 July 1898 – Antwerp, 25 October 1989), was a Belgian writer.

Early life

He went to highschool at the Klein seminarie in Hoogstraten, and later in Asse. His Flemish awareness was in these days encouraged by the priest and poet Jan Hammenecker. In Leuven, he entered the school for priests of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, but did not finish to be ordained as a priest.

In 1923, he became secretary at the weekly magazine Het Vlaamsche land (E: Flemish country). In 1925, he married Marie-Antoinette Theunissen (1901–1979) in Maaseik, and a year later their son, Hugo is born. Alice Nahon acts as a nurse and write a poem to the occasion Aan Hugo's fijne stemmeke (E: To Hugo's fine voice). Hugo Walschap became ambassador of the king of Belgium.

In 1927, his second son, Guido, is born. In 1930, his…Read more on Wikipedia


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