Last exit to Brooklyn

Hubert Selby (author), Irvine Welsh (author of introduction)
Few novels have caused as much debate as Hubert Selby Jr.'s notorious masterpiece, Last Exit to Brooklyn, and this Penguin Modern Classics edition includes an introduction by Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting. Described by various reviewers as hellish and obscene, Last Exit to Brooklyn tells the stories of New Yorkers who at every turn confront the worst excesses in human nature. Yet there ar
Last exit to Brooklyn
Hubert Selby (jr.)
Author of introduction
Irvine Welsh
London: Penguin Books, 2011 | Other editions
IX, 258 p.
9780141195650 (paperback)

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About Hubert Selby

Hubert "Cubby" Selby Jr. (July 23, 1928 – April 26, 2004) was an American writer. His best-known novels are Last Exit to Brooklyn (1964) and Requiem for a Dream (1978), exploring worlds in the New York area. Both novels were adapted later as films, and he appeared in small roles in each.

Selby wrote about a harsh underworld seldom portrayed in literature. His first novel was prosecuted for obscenity in the United Kingdom and banned in Italy, prompting defences from many leading authors such as Anthony Burgess. He was highly influential to more than a generation of writers; for more than 20 years, he taught creative writing at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where he lived full-time after 1983.


Early life and education

Hubert Selby was born in 1928 in Brooklyn, New York City, to Adalin and Hubert Selby Sr., a mer…Read more on Wikipedia