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About The Iguanas

Iguana is a genus of herbivorous lizards.

Iguana may also refer to:

  • in America, any member of Iguanidae, the iguana family
    • especially the Green iguana or common iguana, the species popular as pets
  • in Africa, a large member of Varanus
    • especially Varanus niloticus, the Nile monitor
  • Iguana meat
  • The Iguanas (Michigan band), one of Iggy Pop's bands
  • The Iguanas (Louisiana band), a rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • "Iguana", a single by Mauro Picotto, 1999
  • "Iguana", a single by Inna, 2018
  • IGUANA Computing, the computing usage group
  • IguanaTex, a free open source LaTeX formula editor add-in for Powerpoint
  • Iguana Entertainment, a defunct US video game developer.