Ibería y Francia

Imogen Cooper (performer), Imogen Cooper (performer)
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Ibería y Francia
Imogen Cooper 1949- (piano) Imogen Cooper 1949- (piano)
Chandos Records, 2020
1 cd
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20 - Toetsinstrument (NBLC) K4 - Solo-instrumenten (Flemish music schema)

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About Imogen Cooper

Imogen Cooper, CBE (born 28 August 1949) is an English pianist.

Cooper was born in North London, daughter of the musicologist Martin du Pré Cooper and Mary Stewart, artist. She grew up surrounded by music through her parents and her older siblings: Felicity, Josephine and Dominic Cooper. Realising that Imogen had an exceptional musical talent her parents sent her at the age of 12 to Paris to study for six years at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (CNSM) with Jacques Février, Yvonne Lefébure and Germaine Mounier. This was considered a provocative move by the music establishment, and there was a lengthy correspondence in The Times between Thomas Armstrong, Principal of the Royal Academy of Music in London, and Martin Cooper, arguing the pros and cons of taking a gifted child out of conventional education to specialise so early, and in a foreign country.

In 1967 at the age of 17, the CNSM awarded her a Premier Prix de Piano, a major distinction. Co…Read more on Wikipedia