Ik had twee zussen ... : gedichten uit Sarajevo

Izet Sarajlic (author)

Ik had twee zussen ... : gedichten uit Sarajevo

In series:
Point; 51
Ik had twee zussen ... : gedichten uit Sarajevo
Izet Sarajlic
Meerbeke: Point, 1999
47 p.

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About Izet Sarajlic

Izet Sarajlić (16 March 1930 in Doboj – 2 May 2002 in Sarajevo) was a Bosnian historian of philosophy, essayist, translator and poet. Sarajlić was Bosnia and Herzegovina's best-known poet after World War II, and the former Yugoslavia's most widely translated poet.


Sarajlić was born in Doboj in March 1930. His mother, who was not yet eighteen, had married a railway worker because she was "impressed by the uniform," which at that time was a "status symbol," as Sarajlić himself would later admit. Sarajlić's childhood was spent in Trebinje and Dubrovnik; he moved to Sarajevo in 1945, where he would remain for the rest of his life.

In Sarajevo, Sarajlić attended the boys’ gymnasium, and would enter the world of Yugoslav poetry at age nineteen with the collection, "U susretu" ("In meeting"). He graduated Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo, department of philosophy and comparative literature, with a doctorate in phi…Read more on Wikipedia