On a retrouvé David

Jacques Lanzmann (author)

On a retrouvé David

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Part of: Rue des Rosiers
On a retrouvé David
Jacques Lanzmann
Monaco: Éditions du Rocher, 2003
213 p.

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About Jacques Lanzmann

Jacques Lanzmann (4 May 1927 – 21 June 2006) was a French journalist, writer and lyricist. He is best known as a novelist and for his songwriting partnership with Jacques Dutronc.

Early life

Lanzmann spent the early part of his life in Auvergne. His parents, Paulette (Grobermann) and Armand Lanzmann, divorced shortly before World War II and, at the age of 12, he became a farmhand. Lanzmann was Jewish and, following the Battle of France, he, his mother and his siblings, pretended to be Moroccan Arabs to escape persecution by the Vichy regime. In 1943, Lanzmann and his elder brother Claude (later a noted documentary-maker) joined the Communist resistance. Jacques was taken captive by the Germans and was due to be executed by firing squad, but escaped. Lanzmann's father was one of the leading local figures in the rival Mouvements Unis de la Résistance, but Jacque…Read more on Wikipedia