Le repaire du loup

Jacques Martin (author of screenplay), Bob De Moor (illustrator)
In series:
Lefranc; 4
Target audience:
12-14 years and up
Le repaire du loup
Author of screenplay
Jacques Martin
Bob De Moor
Paris: Casterman, 1974
47 p. : ill.

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About Jacques Martin

CC BY-SA 4.0 - Image by EmDee

Jacques Martin (25 September 1921 – 21 January 2010) was a French comics artist and comic book creator. He was one of the classic artists of Tintin magazine, alongside Edgar P. Jacobs and Hergé, of whom he was a longtime collaborator. He is best known for his series Alix. He was born in Strasbourg.


After pursuing engineering studies as a young man, Jacques Martin began in 1942 to draw his first comic stories. In 1946, following the end of the War, he travelled through Belgium in search of an editor for his work. Soon afterwards he met Georges Remi (aka Hergé) with whom he collaborated on several albums of The Adventures of Tintin (and more specifically on Tintin in Tibet and The Red Sea Sharks) while working on his own albums. It was from Hergé that he learned of the ligne claire style and, under Hergé's guidance, began to use it in his own work. He would later be considered one of th…Read more on Wikipedia