Alexander Calder : the Paris years 1926-1933

Joan Simon (author), Brigitte Léal (author), Henry Petroski (author)
Alexander Calder : the Paris years 1926-1933 / Joan Simon, Brigitte Léal ; with contributions from Henry Petroski, Quentin Bajac, Carol Mancusi-Ungaro ... [et al.]
Joan Simon Brigitte Léal Henry Petroski Quentin Bajac Carol Mancusi-Ungaro
New Haven: Yale University, 2008
304 p. : ill.
Catalogus n.a.v. de tentoonstelling o.a. te New York (Whitney Museum of American Art) van 16 oktober 2008 tot 15 februari 2009
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About Joan Simon

Joan Simon (1915–2005) was an English historian, specializing in education, the wife and close collaborator of the educationist and historian Brian Simon.

Joan Peel was born in 1915, a direct descendant of the 19th-century prime minister, Robert Peel. She met her future husband Brian Simon while he was studying at Trinity College, Cambridge. They married in 1941, and had two sons, Alan and Martin. They entered into a close partnership in their work, which continued until Brian's death in January 2002. It was said of Brian that " his partnership with Joan Simon cannot be extracted from Brian’s work as a whole".

In the 1950s, she and her husband Brian investigated, described and publicized the views of A. R. Luria and L. S. Vygotskii, founders of cultural-historical psychology in the then Soviet Union. In the Autumn of 1958 Brian was one of the founders of FORUM, a journal devoted to educational issues. She published articles in FORUM in 1964 and …Read more on Wikipedia