Complete works for two flutes and strings

Johann Christian Bach (composer), Bent Larsen (performer), Ole Birger Pedersen (performer)
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Complete works for two flutes and strings
Johann Christian Bach 1735-1782
Bent Larsen  (fluit) Ole Birger Pedersen  (fluit) Peder Elbaek  (viool) Henrik Olsen  (altviool) Birthe Holst Christensen  (cello)
Kontrapunkt, 1990
1 cd
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27 - Overige kamermuziekensembles (NBLC) K3 - Kamermuziek (Flemish music schema)

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About Johann Christian Bach

Johann Christian Bach (September 5, 1735 – January 1, 1782) was a German composer of the Classical era, the eighteenth child of Johann Sebastian Bach, and the youngest of his eleven sons. After a spell in Italy, Bach moved to London in 1762, where he became known as "the London Bach". He is also sometimes known as "the English Bach", and during his time spent living in the British capital, he came to be known as John Bach. He is noted for playing a role in influencing the concerto styles of Haydn and Mozart. He contributed significantly to the development of the new sonata principle.


Johann Christian Bach was born to Johann Sebastian and Anna Magdalena Bach in Leipzig, Germany. His distinguished father was already 50 at the time of his birth—an age gap exemplified by the sharp differences in the musical styles of father and son. Even so, father Bach instructed Johann Christian in music until his death in 1750. After his father's…Read more on Wikipedia