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Konzertante Musik mit Viola da Gamba
Johann Gottlieb Graun 1702-1771
Christophe Coin 1958- (dirigent;gamba) Ensemble Baroque de Limoges
Auvidis, 1998
1 cd
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11 - Orkest met (solo)-strijkinstrument(en) (NBLC) K2 - Orkest met solo-instrumenten (Flemish music schema)

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About Johann Gottlieb Graun

Johann Gottlieb Graun (27 October 1703 – 28 October 1771) was a German Baroque/Classical era composer and violinist, born in Wahrenbrück. (His brother Carl Heinrich was a singer and also a composer, and is the better known of the two.)

Johann Gottlieb studied with J.G. Pisendel in Dresden and Giuseppe Tartini in Padua. Appointed Konzertmeister in Merseburg in 1726, he taught the violin to J.S. Bach's son Wilhelm Friedemann. He joined the court of the Prussian crown prince (the future Frederick the Great) in 1732. Graun was later made Konzertmeister of the Berlin Opera in 1740. He composed over 50 songs and compositions.

Graun's compositions were highly respected, and continued to be performed after his death: "The concert-master, John Gottlib Graun, brother to the opera-composer, his admirers say, 'was one of the greatest performers on the violin of his time, and most assuredly, a composer of the first rank'," wrote Charles Burney. He was primarily known…Read more on Wikipedia