In festo corporis Christi

Johannes Brassart (performer), Joris Verdin (performer), Dirk Snellings (performer)
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In festo corporis Christi
Johannes Brassart Joris Verdin 1952- (orgel) Dirk Snellings 1959-2014 (bariton) Capilla Flamenca  (zangstemmen;instrumentaal ensemble) Psallentes  (ensemble)
Ricercar, 2000
1 cd
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40 - Middeleeuwen en renaissance (NBLC) K8 - Oude muziek (Flemish music schema)

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About Johannes Brassart

Johannes Brassart (also Jean Brasart) (c. 1400 – before 22 October 1455) was a composer of the early-Renaissance Burgundian school. Of his output, only sacred vocal music has survived, and it typifies early-15th-century practice.


He was most likely born in the village of Lauw near Tongeren in the prince-bishopric of Liège (now in the province of Limburg, Belgium), though the date is only known approximately. From 1422 to 1431 he worked at the church of St John the Evangelist in Liège, where he was a succentor. In the mid 1420s he visited Rome, moving there in 1431, where he was employed in the papal chapel as a singer and probably as a composer as well; he was in the choir at the same time as composers Arnold de Lantins and Guillaume Dufay. During this period Brassart most likely composed the motet O flos fragrans, which was popular enough to appear in several manuscripts of the …Read more on Wikipedia