Joost van den Vondel / ingel. en samengest. door Anton van de Velde
Joost Van den Vondel
Anton van de Velde
Diest: Pro Arte, [jaar van uitgave niet vastgesteld] | Other editions
142 p.
Oude spelling (voor 1947)
Placing suggestion
Nederlands 853.6 (SISO)

Availability in Flemish libraries

About Joost Van den Vondel

Joost van den Vondel (Dutch: [ˈjoːst fɑn dəɱ ˈvɔndəl]; 17 November 1587 – 5 February 1679) was a Dutch playwright, poet, literary translator and writer. He is generally regarded as the greatest writer in the Dutch language as well as an important figure in the history of Western literature. In his native country, Vondel is often called the “Prince of Poets” and the Dutch language is sometimes referred to as “the language of Vondel”. His oeuvre consists of 33 plays, a large number of poems in different genres and forms, an epic poem and many translations of predominantly classical literature. Vondel lived in the Dutch Republic during the Eighty Years' War and became the leading literary figure of the Dutch Golden Age.

Although Vondel was born in Cologne, his family, who were Mennonites, originally came from Antwerp, but had to flee after the fall of the city in 1585. They settled in …Read more on Wikipedia