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De populariteit van de Vlaamse Kabouter Plop is en blijft groot. Achter het enorme succes van Plop zit hetzelfde team als bij Samson & Gert (namenlijk Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest, Hans Bourlon en Johan Vanden Eede). Deze compactdisc bevat, net als deel 1*, tien vrolijke topliedjes waaronder het liedje Lalala (tevens als single uitgebracht) en een remix van de (zeer succesvolle) Kabouterdans gemaakt door Phil Wilde, ooit succesvol producer van 2 Unlimited. Ook bij dit album wordt Kabouter Plop bijgestaan door Kabouter Kwebbel, Kabouter Klus, Kabouter Lui, Kabouter Smul en Kabouter Smal.

About Kabouter Plop

CC BY-SA 4.0 - Image by George Cloony

Kabouter Plop (Plop the Gnome) is the eponymous protagonist in a children's television series by Studio 100.

The television series is directed by Bart Van Leemputten. Most episodes last about five minutes and are set in Plop's milk inn (which is a toadstool in which he sells plopmilk and plopcookies) or in Gnome forest. The stories often involve pranks by naughty Kabouter Klus ("Handy"). Each episode starts with Plop lying in bed and reviewing what happened the past day. At the end of the episode he says he goes to "Gnome dream land". Most episodes contain a moral.


  • Plop is the most unresponsible Gnome. He owns the milk inn and his cap shows the symbol of a heart. He wears glasses and has a white beard.
  • Lui ("Lazy") tends to fall asleep often, and may be considered a narcoleptic. He is a mailman, and has the symbol of a letter on his cap and a dark beard. Played by Chris Cauwen…Read more on Wikipedia