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About Kansas Smitty's House Band

Kansas Smitty's House Band is a London-based group that specialises in original jazz music. The band run their own bar and HQ on Broadway Market in the London Borough of Hackney.


Kansas Smitty’s House Band was formed in 2013 by Jack Abraham and Giacomo Smith. The band are a 7-piece group who describe themselves as ‘a group of jazz-addicted twenty-somethings who run their own bar’

The current line up is:

Pete Horsfall- trumpet

Giacomo Smith- alto sax

Alec Harper- tenor sax

Joe Webb- piano

David Archer- guitar

Ferg Ireland- bass

Will Cleasby- drums

Past members:

Reuben James- piano

Ruben Fox- tenor sax

Adrian Cox- clarinet

Pedro Segundo- drums

Theon Cross- tuba

The band has collaborated extensively with Lewis Durham of Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. In 2018 the band has planned collaborations with Curtis Stigers, Lewis Dur…Read more on Wikipedia