De vogels hebben het gezien

Karel Jonckheere (author)

De vogels hebben het gezien

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De vogels hebben het gezien
Karel Jonckheere
Brugge: Desclée de Brouwer, 1968
243 p. : ill.
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Nederlands 855.6 (SISO)

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About Karel Jonckheere

Karel Jonckheere as Carolus Joannes Baptista Jonckheere (Ostend, 9 April 1906 – Rijmenam, 13 December 1993) was a Flemish writer and critic. Widely traveled, he was inspired by his journeys for his poems and novels.


Family origins and childhood

Karel Jonckheere was born in Ostend in the fishing district, Kamiel Jonckheere and Victorine de Clercq. He went to school at the Royal Athenaeum in Ostend, where he attended the science high school (human sciences). Then he went to Ghent and attended the Reichstageable Normal School to become a teacher for secondary education in Germanic languages.


National Education

He began his professional career as a clerk in Ostend. In 1929, he began his teaching career, first at Gembloux High School, then in 1930, in Nieuwpoort and fi…Read more on Wikipedia