Goddelijke verbeeldingen

Goddelijke verbeeldingen

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Goddelijke verbeeldingen
Karel Van de Woestijne
's-Gravenhage: Van Stockum, 1918
193 p., [1] bl. pl.
Oude spelling (vóór 1947)

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About Karel Van de Woestijne

Carolus Petrus Eduardus Maria "Karel" van de Woestijne (Dutch: [ˈkaːrəl vɑn də ʋuˈstɛinə]; Ghent, 10 March 1878 – Zwijnaarde, 24 August 1929) was a Flemish writer and brother of the painter Gustave van de Woestijne. He went to highschool at the Koninklijk Athenaeum (E:Royal Athenaeum) at the Ottogracht in Ghent. He also studied Germanic philology at the University of Ghent, where he came into contact with French symbolism. He lived at Sint-Martens-Latem from April 1900 up to January 1904, and from April 1905 up to November 1906. Here he wrote Laetemsche brieven over de lente, for his friend Adolf Herckenrath (1901). In 1907 he moved to Brussels, and in 1915 he moved to Pamel, where he wrote De leemen torens together with Herman Teirlinck.

From 1906 he was correspondent of the Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant in Brussels. Between 1920 and 19…Read more on Wikipedia