Winnetou. 3

Karl May (author)

Het derde deel van de beroemde trilogie over Winnetou.

De Duitse schrijver Karl May (1842-1912) schreef vanaf 1893 een serie verhalen die in het Wilde Westen van de Verenigde Staten spelen, te beginnen met de trilogie over Winnetou.
Winnetou, het opperhoofd van de Apachen, ontmoet Old Shatterhand, die landmetingen verricht voor de aanleg van een spoorbaan. Winnetou beschouwt Old Shat

Winnetou. 3
Karl May
Original language
Original title
Winnetou [3]
Amsterdam: Pantheon, 2015
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About Karl May

Karl Friedrich May ( MY, German: [kaʁl ˈmaɪ] (listen); 25 February 1842 – 30 March 1912) was a German author. He is best known for his 19th century novels of fictitious travels and adventures, set in the American Old West with Winnetou and Old Shatterhand as main protagonists and in the Orient and Middle East with fictional characters Kara Ben Nemsi and Hadschi Halef Omar.

May also wrote novels set in Latin America, China and Germany, poetry, a play, and composed music; he was a proficient player of several musical instruments. Many of his works were adapted for film, theatre, audio dramas and comics. Later in his career, May turned to philosophical and spiritual genres. He is one of the best-sellin…Read more on Wikipedia