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VIPS : very important paintings

Karl Meersman (author)

VIPS : very important paintings

VIPS : very important paintings
Karl Meersman 1961-
Multiple languages, Dutch, English, French
Place of publishing unknown: Roularta, 2007
283 p. : ill.
Uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van het Internationaal Filmfestival van Vlaanderen-Gent

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About Karl Meersman

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Karl Meersman

Karl Meersman (born 14 September 1961) is a Belgian editorial cartoonist, living in Sint-Niklaas. He is known for his weekly caricatures in the popular magazines Trends and Knack. Meersman is married to former VRT-television journalist and presenter Lies Martens.

Meersman's art has been widely lauded in the press, in the art world, and in politics. He gained international attention when his work was displayed in the Belgian consulate in New York City, in 2006–2007.


Early life

Meersman comes from an artistic family. His grandfather was a painter, and both his mother and father were professional artists. When he was a young boy his parents took him to the art school in Temse, where they worked as teachers. At age thirteen, he entered a drawing contest for children, but was disqualified because the jury did not believe his entry was d…Read more on Wikipedia